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UFO Landing Pad

Symbol of St. Paul (History)





Mr. John Lagassé, the soul of St. Paul’s Centennial Project, states in a letter to C.B.A. International, Yokohama, Japan: ” The basic idea of the landing pad came from Mr. W.R. Treleaven of Hamilton, ON and Mr. Ken Reed of Calgary AB. Margo Lagassé argued that this would be an excellent Centennial Project to all that would hear across Canada. The promotion of it was handled by the St. Paul Centennial Committee”.


  • The building project was assumed by Car Ouells Construction Co. of St. Paul
  • Cost $11,000 with no public funds provided for its construction
  • Canada Cement and Island Cement provided the cement; Hector Steel provided the reinforcements; the engineer Alex Mair, provided the plans and specifications
  • Built at the main entrance to the recreation Grounds on land donated by the town of St. Paul
  • Six 30 inch pylons from the main column made of concrete reinforced with steel
  • Weight: 130 tons
  • Hon. Grant MacEwan, Lieutenant Governor of Alberta, officiated at the sod turning ceremony


  • A map of Canada is embossed in its backstop, made of stones provided by each province in Canada with each provincial flag flown atop the backstop
  • A time capsule was built into the backstop, inserted with letters addressed to Canadians, to be opened June 3rd, 2067


  • On June 3rd, 1967 the Hon. Paul Hellyer, Minister of Defense, flew in by helicopter to officially open the Pad. The pad was one of over 100 Centennial Projects organized by the town
  • In 1967, Mr. John Fisher, Centennial Commissioner, proclaimed St. Paul “Centennial Star of Canada”

Tourist Information Center

In 1990, St. Paul’s Mayor Paul Langevin began toying with some sketches for a new tourist booth. In 1992, construction began on the rounded building designed as a UFO to complement the adjacent Landing Pad. The booth, completed within budget, opened for business in May 1993, with the official opening held July 1, 1993. It served as the home of the St. Paul & District Chamber of Commerce until 2008.

UFO Interpretive Center

In 1996, an addition was built to the existing Tourist Information Center to house a UFO Interpretive Display. This is an opportunity to see actual photographs of UFOs, crop circles and cattle mutilations and is designed to educate. It explains the various degrees of sightings – first kind, second kind, etc. and shows ingenious methods to hoax the public. You decide! Purchased from the J. allen Hynek Center for UFO Studies in San Francisco, USA, it is one of the two existing displays in North America.

UFO Hotline

In may 1995, a toll free number was launched to complement St. Paul’s UFO theme. Reports of UFO sightings, cattle mutilations, abductions, crop circles, and encounters of all kinds are documented in the data center. You are encouraged to report any of your own experiences.